Mob Psycho 100 – Could Mob be the Richest kid in Japan secretly?

Quite akin to the secrecy behind its creator who is frequently referred to as the ONE, Mob Psycho 100 has a few sneaky amusements of its own. Here are a few Easter eggs from season one that you may have missed, enjoy!


Mob has his own Fast food chain?

#2 (One Punch Man Easter Egg)

Reigen’s a One Punch Man fan-boi


99 original names for your fast food chain, but this ain’t one


3 lights just on the word Mob to get our attention

#5 (One Punch Man Easter Egg)

One Punch Man likes to live in a litter-free world


Mob is his own telecom operator


Mob’s line of energy drinks


Mob’s News Network ?

So with more than sufficient corroborating evidence presented above from the Anime, it can be concluded that Mob could be the most influential personality in Japan.

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